Dr. Mohammed Kamel


Full Name:

Mohammed  Kamel





MD in Rheumatology, Al Azhar University, EGYPT,1984.

PhD, Thesis “Bilharzial Arthropathy” 1980-84,Al Azhar University

Master Degree in Rheumatology, Al Azhar University, 1980

Bachelor Degree in Medicine. Al Azhar University, Egypt 1976



New York University (NYU) 1984-1985

University Of Texas, South Western Medical School 1985

Rheuma Centrum, Bad Abbach, Germany 1984

Univversita Di Perugia, ITALY 1973

Bristol University UK, America University Hospital Beirut  1972

Clinical Experience:


 Consultant of Clinical Rheumatology, Professor of  Rheumatology for medical students & postgraduates, International clinical & medical research investigator, Reviewer of internatioal medical publications, World expert  in musculoskeletal ultrasonography. Areas of expertise; Reactive Arthropathies,  Bilharzial Arthropathy, Spondyloarthropathy, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Neck and back pain, Biological treatment for Rheumatic Diseases,  Local infiltration of cervical, Dorsal, lumbar  spines, Sacroiliac joint, Ant. chest wall, Joints Aspiration and infiltration, Osteoprosis, Gout ,Crystal induced arthritis. Lups  and Phosphlipids disorders, Fibromyalgia



 58 articles in peer- reviewed  medical Journals;  Arthritis & Rheumatism (USA), Revue De Rheumatisme (Paris), Clinical Rheumatolgy (Belgium), Cli Exper Rheumatology (Italy), Scand J Rheuma (Sweden), Hungarin Rheumatology, Saudi Med J, Revesta Espanola De Rheumatologia, British J of Rheumatoloy, Ann of Rheum Disease (London),The Journal Of Rheumatology (Canada),

Professional Memberships:


American College Of Rheumatolgy 1992 - present

British Society Of  Rheumatology 1993 – present

Saudi Rheumatology Society 2012 – present

Egyptian  Society For Rheumatology 1977 - present