Dr. Hoda Abdel Baset Hasan

Internal Medicine Consultant

Full Name:

Hoda Abdel Baset Hasan


Internal Medicine Consultant


Medical Doctorate/ Internal Medicine /1999

Master Degreel/ Internal Medicine /1992

Mbbch /1987


Internship In Al Zahraa University Hospital/ 1988

Clinical Experience:


Professor Of Internal Medicine /Al Azhar University

Consultant Internal Medicine / Saad Specialist Hospital 2007-2016

Consultant Internal Medicine / Security Forces Hospital 2017

Consultant Internal Medicine / Procare Hospital /2018



- Body fat distribution, serum leptin and insulin resistance in obese subjects with obstructive apnea / The Egyptian journal of hospital medicine/2007


-Relation of serum leptin level to hypertensive retinopathy/ The Egyptian journal of hospital medicine/2005


-Cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy and increased left ventricular mass index comorbid risk factor in type 2 diabetic patients/ The Egyptian journal of internal medicine 2007