Dr. Hosam Yousef

Dermatology Specialist

Full Name Dr.Hosam Yousef
Specialty Sexual Medicine and Male Reproductive Health/clinical ,
procedural and paediatric dermatology
  • American Board certified clinical sexologist since 1991.
  •  Fellow of the American Academy of clinical sexologists. 
  • Master’s degree with excellence in Andrology/Dermatology,Cairo University,Egypt in 1989.
  • Sexual Medicine internship at the University of California,Los Angeles,USA. 
  • Residency in Andrology/Dermatology departments at Cairo University Hospitals,Egypt.
Clinical Experience
  • Visiting assistant professor of clinical sexology and marital counseling at the University of California ,Los Angeles.
  •  Consultant Andrologist and Dermatologist at Cairo University Hospital,and in private practice in Cairo,Los Angeles,Saudi Arabia and Qatar; dealing with patients from different cultures and ethnic groups, handling cases of male infertility,sexual Dysfunctions and STDs of both genders.
Professional Memberships
  • Member of the American Assosiation of Sex Educators,Counselors and Therapists(AASECT). 
  • Member of the Egyptian Society of Andrology and the Middle East Fertility Society.
  •  Nominated for presidency of the International division of the American Baord of Sexology.
  •  Honorary Consultant for Modern Medicine Journal, Nice, France. 
  • Member of International Society for Men’s Health.