Dr. Anwar Hamade

Nephrology Consultant

Full Name Anwar Ali Hamade
Specialty Nephrology Senior registrar
  • Nephrology diploma , Lebanon , 2013
  •  Master Degree hemodialysis and kidney transplantation , Belgium .2013 
  • Master Degree autodialysis and peritoneal dialysis , Belgium ,2014 
  • Diploma in peritoneal dialysis , paris , 2014
  • Rafik Hariri University hospital, Beirut , Lebanon 
  •  Erasme University hospital , Brussels , Belgium
Clinical Experience
  • Acute and chronic kidney diseases 
  • Intermittent hemodialysis 
  •  Continuous renal replacement therapy 
  • Plasmapheresis 
  • Peritoneal dialysis 
  • Kidney transplantation (post-transplant and chronic follow up) 
  • Essential and secondary hypertension 
  • Native and transplant kidney biopsy 
  • Electrolytes disorders 
  • Kidney stones diseases 
  • Electrolytes disorders , renal osteodystrophy , anemia and others complications of chronic kidney disease
  • Patient and graft outcome in current era of immunosuppression: a single centre pilot study. 
  • Mycobacterium fortuitum and Polymicrobial Peritoneal Dialysis-Related Peritonitis 
  • A New HLA Allocation Procedure of Kidneys from Deceased Donors in the Current Era of Immunosuppression. 
  •  Delayed graft graft function in kidney transplants 
  •  Morphological Retrospective Study of Peritoneal Biopsies from Patients with Encapsulating Peritoneal.
  •  Pre-emptive reduction of immunosuppression upon high urinary polyomavirus loads improves patient survival without affecting kidney graft function.
  •  Analysis of kidney stones. A Brussels 6 years’ experience Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of the renal graft
Professional Memberships
  • Lebanese order of Nephrologists 
  •  Saudi council of health specialist
  •  Member ERA-EDTA 
  • Member Canadian society of hypertension