Pharmaceutical Services Department

Pharmacy Department is providing pharmaceutical services to various consumers, including in-patient, ambulatory care patients and health care providers and pharmacy trainees as integrated part of patient care program within Procare Riaya Hospital mission and in accordance to Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI), American Society of Hospital Pharmacists (ASHP) and Joint Commission International (JCI) standards

Pharmaceutical services are provided through the following areas:

Inpatient Pharmacy:

Provides around the clock services to admitted patients providing prescription medications using the Unit-Dose System in compliance with the international accreditation standards for medications management and ensures the appropriate distribution of medications available as floor stock at all hospital areas.

IV-Admixture Pharmacy:

It is a USP-797 compliant IV admixture pharmacy, provides 24/7 service of compounding sterile products including antibiotics, ophthalmic and various intravenous-admixtures in addition to Total Parenteral Nutrition and Chemotherapy.

Extemporaneous preparations Service:

Responsible for preparing of special compounding formula, that is not available commercially or any required strength from liquid formulation of certain product, using evidence-based references and guidelines.

Narcotic/Controlled Medications Pharmacy:

It is responsible for all process related to narcotic/controlled medications including procuring, receiving, storing, and dispensing of narcotic and psychotropic (controlled) drugs as per Saudi Ministry of Health and Ministry of Interior rules and regulations.

Clinical Pharmacy Services:

Clinical Pharmacy services function as an integral part of the health care team, working closely with the physicians on delivering the desired therapeutic outcome, preventing or minimizing drug-related issues, and raising awareness about medication use. It is also responsible or collecting, investigating and analyzing possible reports about medication errors and reported drug adverse events in addition to providing patients education.

Outpatient Pharmacy:

Provides 24/7 coverage of dispensing prescribed medications to patients from all clinics and emergency room. It provides the services by pharmacists who are also keen on providing patients with consultation on proper use of their particular medications.

Pharmacy Training:

Pharmaceutical services organizes training programs designed for pharmacy and clinical pharmacy students, among the different pharmacy services, aiming to support the students  with needed knowledge and skills to achieve excellence in practice.

Pharmacy department also participate in multidisciplinary committees, such as Pharmacy and therapeutic Committee and antibiotic stewardship programs to provide the optimal patients care services.