The Physiotherapy Department provides services that help relieve pain and restore normal functions of patients suffering from physical problems caused by illness, injury, stereotype activities or ageing.

Physiotherapists promote a holistic approach to treatment in coordination with other members of the healthcare team to achieve a patient’s fitness, mobility, independence and over-all health.


Highly qualified staff uses state of the art equipment to ensure the highest level of care.

Services are available to paediatric, adult and geriatric population not only for the inpatients and outpatients of Procare Riaya Hospital but also as a home care program.

Physiotherapists focus on prevention, diagnosis, treatment and education of patients and their families about appropriate physical exercises, ergonomics of working environment and various compensatory and orthopaedic aids.

1. Disorders or injuries of musculoskeletal system and neurological disabilities:

  • Treatment after  injuries and operations of bones, joints, spine, nerves, muscles and ligaments
  • Traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, peripheral nerve injury
  • Fractures, ligament ruptures, limb amputation

2. Degenerative and inflammatory diseases of joints

  • Arthritis, Morbus Scheuermann, Morbus Bechterev
  • Neck and Back pain, Headache
  • Painful muscle stiffness, Prolapse of intervertebral disc, Scoliosis
  • Stroke, Bells Palsy 
  • Paediatric Neurological Conditions including Cerebral Palsy, Delayed milestones

3. Internal diseases:

  • Lung, heart and vascular diseases (hypertension, ischemic disease), Diabetes complications

4. Obstetric cases 

5. Work related injuries / Ergonomics

Treatment methods: 

  • Therapeutic exercises for strength, endurance and muscle coordination
  • Manual therapy including mobilization and manipulation of joints, soft tissue techniques
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Sensomotoric stimulation 
  • Method of Dr. Brügger, Method of Ludmila Mojzis - functional disorders, female infertility
  • Vojta therapy (Reflex Locomotion), Bobath concept
  • Lymphatic Physiotherapy 
  • Classic, sports and reflective massage, Acupressure 
  • Electrotherapy (Interferential, TENS, Electrical Muscle stimulation) 
  • Ultrasound therapy, Short Wave Diathermy, Lasertherapy, Infra Red Radiation Lamp
  • Paraffin Wax bath, Hot Moist Packs, Cold Packs, Cervical and Lumbar Traction
  • Hydrotherapy, Sauna, Steam Bath
  • Fitness Gym (bicycle ergometer, treadmills etc.)