pediatrics & neonatology

Pediatrics Department

Our Pediatrics Department focuses on providing services to give the best medication and protection for children.

The Department is an innovative entity in the Eastern province in light of the services and technology utilized as only the most advanced equipment available is used. Furthermore, our personnel are attentive to the needs and are compassionate with children.

We take great pride in helping build a better, healthy future for your children with the implementation of the best support tools and medical diagnostics obtainable.

The care and clinical examination that we provide in our Pediatrics Department, available for children from birth till the age of 14, are as follows:

  • Child immunizations
  • Chest and Pulmonary disease prevention and treatment
  • Gastro-intestinal disease prevention and treatment
  • 24-hour Pediatric emergency and surgery
  • Neonatal intensive care with cutting edge equipment
  • Cure for Infectious diseases in children
  • Dental care for children

 Neonatal Department

We take care of all pediatric and neonatal cases, from early infancy including premature infants till the age of 14. We have a nursery and a neonatal intensive care unit taking care of healthy, premature and sick term newborns. We have a fully- staffed clinic for consultations and vaccination procedures as well as a 24-hour emergency room services staffed with in house physicians. We accept out referral babies.