ear, nose & throat

The ENT is an integral part of the Procare Riaya Hospital essentially offering services with special senses disorders namely the Ears, Nose and the Throat/ Otolaryngology department.

 What services do we provide?

  • Complete E.N.T.(ear, nose, throat) examination 
  • Complete Head and Neck Examination
  • flexible endoscopy of the nose, nasopharynx, and larynx(under LA)
  • Treatment of common  ENT  problems Treatment of  URTI (upper  respiratory tract infections)
  • Treatment of  tonsillopharnygitis
  • Treatment of external and  middle ear infections
  • Treatment of  vertigo, tinnitus, and inner ear  problem
  • Treatment  of rhinosinusitis, allergic rhinitis
  • Management of epistaxis ( medical treatment, nasal pack, and cautery)
  • Ear- cleaning and ear- washing
  • Removal of foreign bodies from the nose, ear and throat
  • Clearance & Irrigation Post – Nasal Surgery
  • Nasal & PNS Washing
  • Pre operative & Post –operative  care 
  • Management of  head and neck  suppuration ,peritonsillar abcess,retropharyngeal abcess,  or oparapharyngeal abcess 

ENT Surgical procedures:

  • Oral cavity and oropharynx
  • Nose and PNS
  • Ear operations
  • Larynx & Trachea
  • Head and Neck operations
  • Evaluation/ Investigation of hearing problems & vertigo