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What Is a Corona Virus?

Corona viruses are a cause of the common cold. A corona virus also was the cause of the severe respiratory illness called SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). SARS caused a global epidemic in ,2003 but there have not been any known cases of SARS since  .2004 
This novel corona virus is not the same corona virus that caused SARS

Procare Riaya Hospital celebrates World Diabetes Day on November 13th and 14th 2010


Procare Participation in the Civil Defense exhibition sponsored by his Royal Highness Prince Mohammed Bin Fahad (Prince of Eastern Province)

Procare Hospital has participated in the annual day of “Graduate & Employment” at the Institute of Public Administration.

Procare Riaya Hospital
Tariq Al-Salem (Director of Health affairs in the Eastern Province) visited Procare Hospital at Al-Khobar and witnessed the

in Riaya Procare Hospital
In the occasion of  World Hypertension Day Monday 17 /5 / 2010 public invitation was announced by Procare Hospital to

Procare Hospital organized recently a lecture in the French School at Al-Khobar about the Swine Flu (H1N1), where Dr.

Procare Management rewarded the efforts of the hospital housekeeping team with a gathering breakfast, which was held

The PMU Division of Student Affairs represented by the Health Clinic, Dr. Mohammad Qadhri, with cooperation of Procare

Procare Hospital Director of the Board, Mr. Khalid Al-Rajhi has emphasized the continuous efforts that are being put by


The inauguration of Badana (Bariatric) Clinic was held last November 1-2009 at Procare Riaya Hospital in Khobar. It was attended by Sheikh Khaled Abdulrahman Al Rajhi, Chirman of Board Director, accompanied by a delegation of board members, led by Dr. Abdul Aziz Khuzayem, CEO.

The Procare Riaya Hospital team of several doctors and its own Infection Control Specialist had participated in providing medical educational support to Saudi Hollandi Bank staff, held in the banks headquarter, Al Khobar, entitled “H1N1 Influenza Virus:prevention And Treatment”.

The management of the hospital believes in its medical and educational responsibilities to the community, thus, the hospital medical staff headed by Dr. Rana Mardini, Family Medicine Specialist, went to visit to Salam School in Khobar to check the health conditions of students, and teachers.

Dr. Giovani Salti, Plastic Surgery Consultant from Italy, recently visited the hospital...

Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Khuzayyem, the CEO  of Procare Hospital at Al-Khobar has emphasized the care of the hospital to celebrate the international days...

Recently in the Procare Riaya Hospital, four babies were born by caesarean operation and received care for two months

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