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Dr. Abdullah Mohammed

Orthopedic Consultant


Dr. Absi Abdulrahman Al Kamel

Pediatrician Specialist


Dr. Ahed Zeidan

M.D, AFS, DU, Lebanon-France Consultant Anesthesia, Head of Department of Anesthesiology Fellowship Pediatric and Loco-regional Anesthesia, Paris-France


Dr. Aisha Abbas Mohammed khair

Senior registrar In Obstetrics and Gynecology


Dr. Ali Ahmed Al Zahrani

Urology Consultant


Dr. Amen Mohammad El Cheikh Ammar

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Senior Specialist


Dr. Ammar Ahmad El Arab



Dr. Anwar Ali Hamade

Nephrology Senior registrar


Dr. Atef Hussain Al-Sayed

ENT Senior Registrar, ENT Otorhinolaryngology,


Dr. Atef Maherzi

MD, MS, DU Tunisia and France Consultant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Microsurgery Diploma, Paris V – France, Laser Diploma, Paris-France


Dr. Bader Al Jandan

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon


Dr. Bashar Hussam Abdulhai



Dr. Fouad Chahine

EMM.S, M.D, Lebanon and Syria
Chief of Emergency Department


Dr. Hossam Youssef

MS, Egypt. Specialist Dermatology, Sexual Medicine and Male Reproductive Health, American Board Certified Clinical Sexologist, Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists, USA.


Dr. Kamal Ahmad Sadeq Abdulkaleq

MBBS (GERMANY), JBIM, MRCP (UK) FRCP (I) FRCP (ED), FRCP (GLASG), FACE (USA). Consultant, Internist Endocrinologist, Asistant Professor, King Faisal University, Medical Director


Dr. Karim Haouet

General Surgery Consultant


Dr. Lodi Ali Soulyman

Pediatric & Neonatal specialist


Dr. Mohammad Jamil Habbal

Consultant Internal Medicine


Dr. Mohammad Salem Dernaika

Gastroenterology & Hepatology consultant


Dr. Ragheed Obeid



Dr. Reem Jehad Othman Atwan

General Pediatrics


Dr. Sameh Salem Barayan

General and Vascular Surgery


Dr.Suleiman Abuanzeh

Consultant Obstetrics&Gynaecology and Infertility


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