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Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

“Our vision is to become the multi-specialty hospital of choice in Saudi Arabia by adhering to principles of compassionate patient centred care, ensuring a high level of efficiency, quality and safety

Our Mission

“Our mission is to serve our communities healthcare needs by:

· Creating a culture of compassionate patient medical care. 
· Adhering to the highest standards of quality, efficiency and safety.

· Our staff behaving in a manner that ensures our customers have a          positive experience
· All our actions will result in enhancing shareholder value.”

Our Values 

·  Corporate social responsibilities.

· Integrity and ethical practice.
· Transparency in how we operate while still adhering to highest            standards of patient confidentiality.
· Showing respect for Saudi Arabia's culture.
·  Excellence by practicing evidence based medicine.
· Accountable to relevant stakeholders.
· Rewarding work environment where talented employees thrive.
· Accountability for our work and prudent services, efficient                   stewardship for our resources.

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